Gemstones and the Houses of Sacrifice

Gemstones and it’s owner (Arlem)

  • Cryptic Gate – Milliandra Astra Oralde
  • Fierce Wind – Mikael Ari Astalor Zaea
  • Azure Sky – Rafael Lazuli Astalor Oscarosa
  • Violent Earth – Tyr Claymore
  • Bitter Fall – Aria Liona Atiria
  • Viridian Spirit – Ilsea Glhei Silvam
  • Ardent Blaze – Aurea Sienna Atiria

Three Crystals

  • Elune (Moon), Cimmeria
  • Solus (sun), Arlem
  • Terra (Earth), Pla’Ten

The Houses of Sacrifice

  • Cimmeria: Lady Arianne Von Kreuss
  • Arlem: Priestess Aquila Krishna Saule
  • Pla’Ten: Lady Regina Sophia Carossa IL Alruna


Alright, still researching. I’ve been needing command phrases (Oh, hear me, Goddess, I invoke thee, and all that crap), so I’ve been scouring epic poetry. I’ve also been researching names, again.

 French surnames

I’m thinking of sourcing Milton, but then I decided to branch out to ancient epic poetry, as well.

Enûma Eliš
Epic of Gilgamesh

I’ll add on to this list, yet again, once I’ve finished putting down the ideas on my head.

On research, and intarnets

I’m supposed to post about Kraust, but then I remembered that I have to research more about naming conventions for the three worlds (Pla’Ten, Arlem, and Memoria), since they’ll be different from each other. At least different enough that residents of each world will be able to distinguish strangers when they give their names. I torture myself sometimes, but this is all for the good of writing! And assuaging my muse’s demands, of course.

So, my resources for now:

Spells, Sacred and Forbidden Arts / Languages:

Runic Alphabet – a must for runic language, spells, Sacred and Forbidden Arts
Sparlösa Runestone – sub topic for above.
Runic divination – a must for runic sub-arts
Hávamál – again, a must for spells and summon.

Naming conventions

These are namely Old French names, but will add more once I’ve found what I’m lookign for in the intarnets.

Behind the Names, French
Medieval French Names
French Surname Meanings & Origins

So, I’m off for now. Once I’ve sorted out Kraust’s surname, I’ll be back with his profile (and hopefully at least some kind of sketch to give an idea about his physiology.).

Hello world, Kraust, and stuff

Well – this is my first post. Ever. I’m likely to update this soon enough, just not now. I’m just about to go off work, so yeah, brain cells are fried and toasty.

Maybe they’ll regenerate tomorrow. Maybe. 😀

In any case, I’ll be putting up Kraust’s profile tomorrow, when I get his file! Who’s Kraust? Well, you’ll meet him soon enough~!